Apr, 04, 2013

anita + sam
spring time oakville engagement session

Oh how I am hoping the warm weather arrives soon.  In an effort to put out what I am hoping will come back from the universe, I thought I would finally post Anita + Sam’s lovely engagement shoot, which I photographed last May, on a blissfully warm spring day.  I am so happy with the way these images turned out.  I scouted this woodsy location the week before the shoot date, and spotted a small pink shrub beside a parking lot that I thought may be a possibility if the light was just right.  If you saw the shrub in person, you would laugh.  It was only about 3 feet high, and not very dense, so I really put Anita + Sam’s quad muscles to the test by asking them to squat low and hold position while I maneuvered around them looking for the right angle.  I wanted it to look as if they were in a sun-soaked field of pink flowers, and not just a bush at the side of a parking lot.  I think it worked, because after I posted a sneak peak from this shoot, one of my other lovely brides asked if she could do a little shoot in that same location (which we did, and her images will be posted soon too!).

These two were just so cute during the shoot – I don’t think there was one bad photograph of them.  They spent most of the shoot laughing and taking all my crazy requests in stride.  I always feel a bit strange crouching in the foliage with my big long lens pointed at a couple who are snuggling up just a few feet from me.   Anita and Sam were pros though – pretending not to notice the stalker in the bushes (or rather, they were just so in to each other that I was completely ignored).  Either way, they managed to look totally natural and gorgeous in all of the photos.

Anita and Sam, I loved working with you!  I hope these images bring back some warm and fuzzy feelings – it was truly a fantastic day.  I promise I will be posting your wedding images soon!

xo Krista