Nov, 11, 2012

britton + lex
married at ocean coral & turquesa, mexico

I first met Britt + Lex in Mexico only a year ago while shooting Wendy + Shane’s wedding, but I feel like I have known them much longer than that.  Our relationship began as we laughed our way through their engagement shoot, which ended underwater with Lex trying to use Britt as a life preserver.  Thankfully they both survived the shoot, though it is a mystery how – Britt being about 5’2″ and definitely not buoyant. Anyway, after spending the better part of a week at the resort together last year, I was able to get to know them and let me tell you,  these two have personality, with a capital P.  I was thrilled and excited to get home to find an email from Britt asking if I would go back to Mexico to document their day.

Lex comes across as a typical “guy’s guy” – wilderness, golf, and beer are three of his loves…but when you hear some of Britt’s stories, you learn that underneath that manly exterior is a sweet softy.  Their proposal story is one of my favourites (I hope I get the details right – it’s been awhile since I heard it).  Britt loves penguins, and apparently, with some species of penguins, the male penguin gives the female penguin a black stone when he chooses her as his lifetime mate.  awwww…. So, when it came to proposing to Britt, Lex got down on one knee, and you guessed it… offered her a stone.  How sweet is that?  Just in case future grooms think they can use this idea as their own instead of taking the trip to the jewelry store – think again.  Lex also chose not only a beautiful engagement ring for Britt, but on their wedding day, presented her with a gorgeous custom made ring with a black stone set inside.

Britt and Lex, thank you for being so enjoyable to work with, for making me laugh through the process, and for being so patient in waiting for me to post your photos.  It was an amazing day on so many levels.  Oh – and thanks too for being so single-minded about getting the sparklers – sending a cabbie on a wild goose chase (x2) in Cancun paid off I think:)

Check back in a little while for some photos of Britt + Lex’s day-after shoot, where Lex practiced his underwater moves, this time with much more success…

xo Krista

Last but not least, I would like to say a big thank you to Megan Strating, who besides taking some great shots as my assistant, was a second set of eyes, and my enthusiastic scout model.  She was instrumental in helping me find some amazing locations for the day-after shoot.  She also has some serious black mail fodder of me – in a bathing suit and a stunning set of goggles, so I have to be nice… haha.