Jul, 07, 2013

my sweet cousin ileana just turned 18 years old
graduation shoot in a manitoba canola field

I must be getting old.  I now say things like “I remember the day when…”  Well it’s true – I remember the day that Ileana was born.  It was a day in May – a spring day in Manitoba, and we ran around excitedly picking out the items that we thought her Mama, Theo, could best use for this new bundle of love in our family.  When I first met Illy in the hospital, I thought “what a perfect baby.”  And you know, she was perfect.  And for the record, I don’t think all babies are perfect looking.  My own, for example, had a bit of a gorilla shaped head – we thought that he may need custom hats for the rest of his life.  But anyway, Ileana was beautiful from the moment she entered into this world.  And this year she celebrated her 18th birthday…. which I still can’t believe.  Ileana is still as lovely as she always was, and even more importantly, she has a wonderful heart and is a smarty pants to boot.  Illy, good luck with your studies at U of M in the fall.  We are all so proud of the person you have become.

xoxo Krista

I love that Illy has such effortless style.  When I walked into Illy’s place to pick her up, she came out in a bathrobe, with barely a stitch of make up on.  We originally planned to do her shoot in her grad dress, and as a second option, threw on this cute blue dress as an afterthought.  No additional make up needed.  Her bike was sitting in her entrance way (an awesome find at an antique store for $100), which was too cute not to use in a couple of photos.

We decided to just drive out into the country to see what we could find.  We found ourselves in St. Francis Xavier, at an old car museum.  It was a really eclectic place with all sorts of odd things lying around.  Illy put on her grad dress, and these are some of my favourites from that location.

I love that she loves her Mama.  I love mine too, and I hope when Wyatt is 18, he’ll still want to bury himself in my arms like this.