Nov, 11, 2012

paula + chris
the waterfront centre, hamilton

Describing Chris and Paula as a beautifully sweet couple doesn’t do them justice.  They have something special going on.  Something more.  When I met with them back in our initial consultation, I was struck by the connectedness between the two of them.  This wasn’t just a wedding they were planning, their eyes were on the bigger picture.  I often ask couples what they have in mind for their wedding – what theme, colour scheme, etc. When I asked Paula, she looked at me and said simply, “the theme is love”.  She said it so sincerely and with such meaning, I may have gotten choked up.  Needless to say, I was smitten with these two immediately.  Beautiful, warm, appreciative, gracious, and adventurous – how lucky were we that they chose us to photograph their wedding?

The day started out with rain in the forecast, and it was unbelievably hot and humid, but luck shone down on us all day.  Paula and Chris started off getting ready at their good friends’ home in Dundas, which also functions as home base for their business The Healing House.  It was the perfect backdrop for bride’s prep, with a light, airy feel and personal vintage touches everywhere.  It did rain – but as it was raining at the ceremony location, we stayed dry taking photos at Hermitage Ruins.  The thunder rolled in just as we finished at Hermitage, but by the time we pulled up to The Waterfront Centre for their ceremony, the rain had stopped and the sunshine was beaming .  I was like a kid in a candy store photographing Paula and Chris.  They were truly up for anything – Paula, in 14 layers of tule creeping out onto the ledge of a cliff, and lying down on the forest floor before she even walked down the aisle.  They were a dream to work with, and fully put their trust in us, which we truly appreciate (though may not have been the best idea – I was a bit nervous when Paula was on that cliff, I have to say).

Thank you, Paula and Chris, for punctuating our joy in what we do, and thank you for choosing us.

xo k


  • Steve Boreham

    Breathtaking and beautiful. I was moved to tears. The photographers caught the sincere deep love and passion expressed by Paula and Chris. Thank you Krista for capturing these special moments of this very special couple.

  • Just stunning. I love the emotion in these images. I have many favorites, but will single out the one of the bride sitting on the bed putting on her ballet slipper. So romantic. The bride and groom must be thrilled. Beautiful work!

  • Paula Lemieux

    Krista, I just can’t seem to come up with the adequate language to express my deep gratitude and pure joy in seeing these photos. Chris and I are simply overwhelmed in the BEST possible way. We feel honoured that you were there to capture our day and us as a couple, which you did impeccably well. Not only did you “see” and “hear” us and our vision for our day, but you managed to expand on that vision beyond our wildest imaginings. You both have an amazing gift. Love & Gratitude to you! P & C

  • Jacquie

    These are so so goregeous. The ones in the forest look like they’re from a fairytale! Amazing!

  • Amy :)

    These are a-mazing photos ladies!!! I keep looking at them over and over again…. xoxo

  • Paula Lemieux

    Also, seeing all these photos reminds me of the incredible heat we had that day!! I will NEVER forget the heat!! (38 degrees plus oppressive humidity!!!)

  • Lynn Lemieux

    Beautiful beyond words. So many gorgeous shots, but one caught my eye- Paula lying in the woods , her dress spread out around her on the leaves on the ground . That was taken before the flower girl, Catherine, my grand daughter, did almost the same thing during the ceremony. Twin spirits of the earth I think. I love that shot- and all the rest.
    Thanks for the wonderful work you did to make their day so perfect. You respected and brought out the uniqueness of Chris and Paula and their love for one another., Your photographs honour them. Thank you!
    Lynn Lemieux

  • Bev Skears

    Bravo! You did an amazing job of capturing Paula and Chris’ wedding day and their love for each other. They are all so wonderful, can’t wait to see the rest. Whata team. Thank you! P’s mom

  • Debbie Sherwood

    I am beyond shocked and moved with these photographs and your imagination is simply “endless”….
    Your photographs are always fresh and exciting. The colours, content and the look of love in the bride and groom is so present in all those photos. The joy is also captured in the guests faces as well. The little “flower girl” is priceless as well! “(I love my dress….but can’t we go home yet Mommy???)”
    It is like going to a beautiful wedding but we don’t have to dress up! Thanks for letting us peek at this special couple and their day….wonderful!

  • Genevieve

    Are these for real? What a gorgeous couple, and an incredible setting! One of the most beautiful shoots I’ve seen.

  • incredible. I am blown away. xo

  • Beautiful. The dress is just stunning.

  • Willow Bond

    Whenever i flipped through wedding magazine layouts I always think “how can these photo’s be real”…everything just looks to beautiful, too fairytale, only in the movies, only in a magazine. But here it is…real as can be. In every sense these photo’s are breathtaking, the bride in her glorious dress, her handsome groom so in love with his bride, and the settings in the forest…OH MY SOUL!!! These brought tears, their apparent joy, love and beauty in every single photo. Amazing…just amazing!

  • These images bring a tear to my eye….so magical and truly romantic.
    Beautiful work!

  • I absolutely loved every frame of this wedding. Just beautiful !