Nov, 11, 2012

wendy + shane | the day after the wedding
tulum, mexico

One of my favourite things about shooting a destination wedding is doing a photography session with the bride and groom the day after their wedding.  It isn’t for everyone; it requires the couple to get dressed up again and to spend a few hours out in the hot sun while most of their guests relax pool-side.  Wendy and Shane were about as keen as they come.  I got a wake up call in my room at 7:30am the day after their wedding, and it wasn’t one I ordered from the front desk.  It was Shane.  “Do you think we should go out now?  It is calling for rain later, but it looks okay this  morning.”  They were eager beavers, even after celebrating into the wee hours of the morning!  I loved their enthusiasm – I had some amazing locations picked out that I couldn’t wait to get to.  We made the decision to chance our luck and wait until later in the afternoon, so that Wendy could get ready properly, and we could take our time shooting.  Waiting paid off in spades –  we had beautiful weather and an absolutely perfect day.  Our first stop was the Tulum market, where Wendy’s hair was attacked by a monkey, who decided her flowers would be his afternoon snack.  Once we dealt with the monkey and reassembled what was left of her flowers, we headed to the beach, then to a small road-side chapel on private property that prompted a frenzy of local people to turn into paparrazi, and lastly, a gorgeous, turquoise green cenote full of FISH!!  This is one of my very favourite shoots to date.  It was one of those days that all elements fell into place to create the perfect  scenario: a beautiful, excited, adventurous couple, gorgeous weather, amazing locations, incredible lighting, and fish, LOTS of fish.

xo Krista

Though I didn’t post any images from the market (I had to draw the line somewhere!), I couldn’t resist posting these.  Wendy thought it would be great to get a photograph of her and Shane with the cute little spider monkey… until it devoured the flowers on one side of her head and spit out his half-eaten grape on her shoulder.  Then the monkey wasn’t so cute.

  • willow bond

    well i’m a little crying and a lot laughing. Completley absolutley amazing photo’s Krista….beautiful bride…handsome groom. Their happiness is so apparent in these photo’s…your talent amazes me.
    Wendy and Shane….every blessing and wishes for a beautiful and fun filled life.

  • Jodi

    Krista these pictures just keep getting better and better! Wendy, you are stunningly gorgeous, and Shane, you couldn’t look more handsome and happy…your love for each other exudes through these photos. Congrats again!

  • Genevieve


  • Celia

    I am speechless. The shots in front of the chapel are so soft and romantic and beautiful. The underwater shots are unbelievable. I check back into your blog regularly, and each time I do, I am awed by the work that you do.

  • kerry fox

    Amazing photos Krista. The trash the dress photos are awesome. Wendy looks stunning!

  • Garth McDonald

    Awesome pics Krista. Can’t wait to trash my TUX!

  • wendy

    Everything i’d hoped for and more, it really is the greatest gift, you’ve given us more then just pictures but a creative, artistic and absolutely gorgeous memory we will be able to cherish forever (and on my part, pour over for hours and hours a day….:)

  • Laura Rutherford

    These images are OFF THE CHARTS! Incredible and truly mesmerizing. You know I’m a big fan, but this underwater shot is RIDICULOUS! That’s an award winning shot. LOVE!