Nov, 11, 2012

amanda + adam
corn field engagement session

I’m off to photograph 2 beautiful weddings this weekend, and I thought it was perfect timing to finally post  Amanda + Adam’s engagement shoot, since they will be getting married this Sunday!  I have been so behind in posting our work – I even have weddings from last July to October that still haven’t been posted, for no other reason than I am busy (which is nothing to complain about) and getting images to our clients takes first priority.

I am SO excited to photograph Amanda + Adam’s wedding – they are an incredibly beautiful couple, both inside and out.  It is working with people like them (gracious, genuine and kind) that make me love my job.  On the day of their engagement session,  it was a chilly fall day, and we all froze during the shoot – it drizzled down on us, while the icy wind swirled around.  Near the end of the shoot, Amanda was doing her best to smile through clenched and chattering teeth, and her shoulders were up at her ears trying to stay warm.  Thankfully, there were lattes and hot chocolate waiting for us at Detour Coffee Shop in Dundas – the perfect end to a brisk fall shoot, and a great spot for the last few photographs.

Congratulations Amanda + Adam!  I can’t wait for the wedding on Sunday.  I know its going to be a beautiful day in every way.


Oh I have to say, one of the images from the shoot should really appear on “Awkward Family Photos”.  Their dog Fritz was a little rambunctious, and Adam was trying to hold him still for the photo.  I promise, he wasn’t cutting off his air supply.  Fritz survived the shoot, and is alive and well today – I look forward to seeing his cute little fox face on Sunday.

A thank you to Megan Strating, a Sheridan student who did her placement with me for her help on this shoot!