Nov, 11, 2012

britton + lex | day after the wedding
mayan riviera, mexico

Bright and early the day after their wedding, Britton + Lex were up and at ’em, raring to go for their off-site photo session.  With little sleep, a car full of coffee and a matron of honour who was surprised to find out her duties extended past the wedding day, we drove off to the Tulum area for our shoot.  Megan and I spent 3 full days scouting shoot locations before the wedding day, and were excited about our finds, which included a roadside chapel, a colourful local village and of course, a beautiful cenote with clear blue water and high cliff walls, where we would finish up with some underwater images.  I was a little nervous for the shoot, based on Lex’s past performance in the water (if you want the back story, click here).  Lex promised me that he would get in the water to practice in preparation for our day-after shoot, and Britton assured me that he did – in his bathtub.  Ah well – there were plenty of scuba divers around in case he got into trouble, and I was sure that my life saving skills would come back to me in a pinch.  Thankfully, I didn’t need to worry – you would think Lex trained with a synchronize swim team he did so well.

Brit + Lex – thank you for keeping me entertained through our time together, and thank you for being so willing to do anything I asked of you, and most of all, thank you for not complicating the shoot by drowning!

xo Krista