Nov, 11, 2012

featured in the Toronto Star + KW Record
underwater photos come full circle

Back a few years ago, I was minding my own business with my friends, playing around on the diving board at Sunnyside pool on Lakeshore Avenue in Toronto.  Out of the blue, I was approached by a photographer from the Toronto Star, who asked if he could photograph me diving for the newspaper.  I said “sure” –  thinking he must have been impressed with my mad skills as a diver.  I was also very curious about what the heck he planned to do with the fish tank contraption he had rigged up as an underwater camera housing.  He worked that fish tank for about 30 minutes, while I continued to dive, wondering what the end result would look like.  I imagined the final shot would be a graceful mid-air flip, shot from a dramatic underwater angle.  I dove my little heart out in those 30 minutes – digging deep into my dive repertoire, giving him my best and most impressive moves.  Well, you can see that my diving didn’t really matter as much as the underwater bit – and the dude in the background could definitely use some polishing of his skills.

Anyway – fast forward to present day, and the second time my name appeared in the Toronto Star.  This time it was my own underwater photos that were used for the content of a story (and for the record – they were not photographed with a fish tank).  Wendy + Shane’s wedding, which I had photographed in Mexico almost one year ago, found their way in front of Tanis Fowler, a Toronto Star Reporter, who was doing a story on the “trash-the-dress” phenomenon.  Side note:  I prefer to call it a “day-after” session, because trashing the dress sounds… well… trashy, and really the dress doesn’t have to be demolished – it is really about the opportunity to get amazing photos in a location that isn’t easy to get to on the wedding day.  Anyway, I digress – Tanis also interviewed both Wendy and I for her story, and from there, the Kitchener-Waterloo Record also picked it up and printed a very large photo of Wendy and Shane kissing underwater.  I am very proud of this photo, not as much because of the actual photo, but because prior to their wedding, Wendy said “wouldn’t it be so amazing if we could find a cenote with fish?”.  And well, I scouted my heart out and finally found exactly that… yes, those are real fish in the photo.  My sister was on hand, throwing crackers on the water to keep the talent co-operative and happy.  Unfortunately, those crackers also attracted very large and scary looking catfish, but that is another story altogether.

xo Krista

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